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Slide Revolutionary GPS / IoT Tracking & security solution No SIM card No buttons Plug & play Autonomy up tp 6 years Low cost
Low power Low weight Long range High quality Made in Europe

Autonomous low-power, plug & play tracking solution. With no SIM card installation required, works with our free web   & mobile application, offering  GPS and SIGFOX Geolocation. Thanks to it’s numerous dedicated energy saving algorithms, Sigfox GPS  IoT Tracker is a highly energy efficient solution for managing, tracking and securing of non-powered assets.

Built on hi-end Telecom Design™ ultra low-power module, this small, lightweight device provides the perfect combination of size, weight, autonomy and functionality. 

Main Features: 

• The highest Sigfox certification class u0
• GPS & Sigfox Atlas Geolocation, real-time tracking, position update up 10 min. (Technology explained)
• Autonomy: up to 6  years, battery status alert, replaceable  battery
• Resistant to interference and jamming (See the test of network resistance to jamming)
• PWA WebApp, Android & iOS standalone installation
• Real-time tracking mode, Location history,  Geofencing, Temperature
• Self-configurable  Geo-fences, notifications & alerts
• GNSS Receiver with active antenna
• High-Performance, Low-Current SIGFOX gateway
• Ultra-low power 3D Accelerometer
• Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to +75°C
78×48×24mm, weigh: 56g including battery, Made in Czech Republic (See the product datasheet)

Map Sigfox GPS IoT Tracker
Map Sigfox GPS IoT Tracker

GPS &  SIGFOX ATLAS positioning:  
There are two methods of getting the Chipfox Tracker’s position:

GPS – Satellite  – accurate positioning – device needs partial sky-view for GPS satellite data
ATLAS – Sigfox network calculated position – approximate positioning, this method works also indoor without sky-view

Conectivity :
Sigfox RC1: Europe, Oman, Iran, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Tunisia, UAE, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mauritius, Mayotte, New Caledonia

Comparison of GPS/GSM with GPS/IoT technology:

 GPS/GSMChipfox GPS Tracker
Battery lifedaysyears
Signal jammingeasynot possible
Tracker detectionyes, easydifficult
Position indoornoyes, accuracy 100-5000m
SIM cardyesno
Operator contractmonthly SIM/data contractannual subscription, first year included
Tracker functionsusually notyes

Suitable for :
Vehicles, motor-bikes, boats, bikes, sports equipment, pets, animals, photo & video gear, musical instruments & equipment, kids, seniors, luggage, parcel & logistics, securing of construction sites, concerts, events, etc.

Sigfox Gps IoT Tracker

Template Manage your Trackers on dashboard 01 Change Trackers' order or colour See Trackers' last position or history 02 GPS or Atlas-calculated geolocation Data table - date/time- positions, temperature... 03 GPX,CSV exports Geofencing function - circle or polygon 04 Entering or leaving defined area Geofencing notifications 05 Email and system notifications Tracker's settings - basic & advanced 06 Change position update period, etc.

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